Ba'a ba'ata Wike (Water Calls Water)


Conversations With The Earth

Publicado el 9 mar. 2011

As part of a participatory video project, a Yaqui community talks to its elders to document how the local climate has changed and hear about the concept of Ba'a ba'ata Wike ("water calls water" — ie water cools the air and causes precipitation). After a dam was built in the mountains, the Yaqui River dried up and the rains stopped coming. As a result, the area suffers severe droughts making it hard for the Yaqui to cultivate their fields. The project was facilitated by InsightShare as part of the conversation with the earth project. Conversations with the Earth is a collective opportunity to build a global movement for an indigenous-controlled community media network. CWE works with a growing network of indigenous groups and communities living in critical ecosystems around the world, from the Atlantic Rainforest to Central Asia, from the Philippines to the Andes, from the Arctic to Ethiopia. Through CWE, these indigenous communities are able to share their story of climate change. Through the creation of sustainable autonomous indigenous media hubs in these regions, CWE fosters a long-term relationship with these communities, based on principles of local control and supporting indigenous media capacity.

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